Quantum Hydrogen Ltd  

Clean & Abundant Energy

Emissionsfreie Unabhaengige Energie

- Turn your car, truck, generator into a HYBRID

- Hydrogen Generators [not HHO]

- H2 and Oxygen Separator

- Save Fuel - Reduce Emissions

- Install a Quantum Cell

Testimony :

“On fuel economy; now 6.4L/100klm. This is way below the manufacturer specs [8.8L].


The water is  absolutely clear after 10,000 klm. I think this because you have used correct steel and pure Titanium plates.

Plus the gaskets are showing no deterioration and no leaks.


Your cell, the Quantum Cell ™ passes all the tests for reliability and durability. I would have no hesitation in saying that this the best quality H2 Generator anywhere in the world.”

Peter James - Australia

Subaru Vehicle

H2 Dealer Training


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